Who we are

ECO srl is a consulting firm and agro-environmental services company born in 1999, it is the expression of a group of freelancers (Agronomists, Forestal Agronomists, Agricultural technicians, Naturalists and IT experts) working in agricultural controls giving highly professional technical assistance. ECO srl chose to direct its resources with a particular attention to the territory, developing and implementing even more its offer of study, advice and technical assistance services. In fifteen years of experience we have been engaged individually, in aggregate form and through corporate groupings such as ECO srl, to face the job opportunities and the needs of client. Our professional collaboration starts with the objective control for companies of the Integrated Controls in Agriculture Consortium; after we dealt with the viticultural inventory, oil inventory, objective controls, cadastral stabilization and back/front office activities. In 2004, with the creation of paying agencies, we gave advice in back office activities and resolution of graphic anomalies for regional paying agencies as: OPLO (Lombardy), ARPEA (Piedmont), AGREA (Emilia Romagna), APPAG (Autonomous Province of Trento). We have two operational offices: Casteggio (PV) and Torino, through which we can cover, in terms of advice and services, the entire territory of northern Italy. According to the client’s needs we can expand our group using collaborators of proven professional experience, being able to fully meet the needs. In the last period, beyond the activities of objective controls, refresh and back and front office activities, we have done training activities for the most common management and graphic software used by the administrations, referring to the payments of the community contributions to the farms. These experiences are concretized, in the specific case of the Agricultural sector, on the standard software platforms “SITI Agri” of Abaco SpA in use to the regional paying agencies and Q-GIS platforms in use at AGEA.

ECO srl has an operational organizational structure in Italy (with offices in Casteggio (PV) and Turin) where it performs activities of direct detection and through photo-interpretation from aerofotogrammetry and satellite remote sensing of land use and extension data of crops for statistical purposes, set by national or international authorities  to monitor contributions payments. ECO srl works side by side with its customers, acknowledging their needs, translating them into work ergonomics and quick responses to the required solutions. Our group is inclined to continuous training, tenaciously pursuing all the standard elements requested by the European Community in the application of specifications and work tools.

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